Welcome to Custom Cut Lumber!

Located in Alto, Texas
We are a sawmill located in Alto, Texas that specializes in cutting material for both the general public and industry. Some of our services include cutting a wide variety of lumber, timber, customers' logs, and specialty pieces (such as wide slabs), trailer decking installation, planing and molding, bandsaw blade sharpening, and much more!
Custom Dimensions

We are able to cut very unique lumber dimensions at reasonable prices.

Flexible Order Sizes

We don't restrict any order sizes: we will cut as few or as many materials as you desire.

Your Schedule

If you need your materials in a rush, or have a more flexible schedule, we can work with you to meet your project's needs.

And More!

Take a look at our operation!

If you are interested in our products and services, please take a look at this short video detailing what we offer!

Try Our Pricing Estimate Calculator!

We offer an online pricing calculator that can help you estimate the cost of your materials, and a convenient way to contact us for a firm quote.

Visit Our Online Store

Our online store has a wide variety of specialty pieces available for purchase, with freight shipping options available (US only) or free on-site pickup if you are in the area.