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Trailer Deck Material (Oak)

Trailer Decking starts at $1.75/bdft* for oak for 6-8” boards. (Wider boards cost more per boardfoot; please contact us for details) We are able to cut up to 32’ length boards depending on our present log inventory.

We also have the ability to custom-cut the thickness of the boards to ensure the material fits your trailer properly.

Additionally, we offer treated and non-treated pine. Apitong is available upon request.

*Please note that boardfoot and squarefoot are not the same.

Example Pricing
Thickness (in.) Width (in.) Length (ft.) Bdft. $ / bdft. Total
True 2" 86" 40' 610 bdft. $1.75 $1067.50
True 1" 86" 40' 322.5 bdft. $1.75 $564.38


We also offer installation and removal of old deck. Installation is generally 1.2 times the amount of the lumber.

Example: A trailer that requires $1000.00 of lumber would cost $1200.00 for the installation and $150.00 for removal of old deck. This would bring the total for Lumber, Old deck removal, and Installation to $2350.00. Prices will vary.