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Flooring and Paneling

Please see below for information on our flooring/paneling products.



We offer kiln-dried 1 x 6 Southern Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove grade 1 & 2 mix flooring in 10’ lengths. This is our best-seller! The flooring thickness is around 11/16ths inch.

The boards are straight and beautiful and install quickly. These boards take a stain well, or alternatively may be left in their natural bright luster with a coat of polyurethane.

Please allow around a 2 week turnaround time. We also offer 12’, 14’ and 16' lengths. Let us know how many square feet you need and we will figure out how many boards you need - let us do the math work for you!


We offer mixed-length oak Tongue & Groove flooring boards in the following widths:

      3” “common grade” (“tight” knots and a slightly more rustic look) and “selected grade” (much clearer grain and look)
      6” “common grade”

We also have black walnut, hickory, pecan, and other species available.

We produce rough cut, band-saw-cut pine boards upon request for a rustic barn-floor type look.



We offer kiln-dried 1 x 6 Southern Yellow Pine Tongue & Groove grade 1 & 2 mix V-Joint panels. This is our best-seller. Used most commonly for walls, ceilings, and projects. These boards are a beautiful bright yellow color and have some tight knots with minimal to no bluestain*.

This material may have the occasional small loose knot that can be cut out. We make sure you have extra boards in your order to ensure you have the square footage you order.

*For a more economical option with a rustic appearance with bluestain and some wane and loose knots, we also offer a less-expensive grade 3 Southern Yellow Pine V-Joint, available upon request.

Eastern Aromatic Cedar V-Joint 1 x 6

These are a popular favorite! This is the stuff cedar closets are made of, and these boards look visually stunning anywhere with cedar’s characteristic deep red hues. Coat with tung oil for a deeper, richer dark look that lasts over time, or coat with polyurethane*. Even mix and match with the yellow pine V-Joint panels for an alternating look. *If left untreated, cedar oxidizes over time to become a brownish/red hue or even silvery-gray if left in sunlight.

Looking for detailed pricing?

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